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What's the Difference between Straight-plug LED Beads and Patch-type LED Beads?

Which is better to plug in LED beads or LED chip packing? In fact, for this problem, the structure, power and use of LED beads and LED chip encapsulated beads are analyzed, and the most objective comparison is obtained.

What you need to know is that LED beads are just a general term.

The power of direct-plug led beads is higher, while the packaging power of LED chips is lower. The solder joints of ordinary led beads are larger than those of LED chip package beads, and the angle of the beads can be very small (light is concentrated, far, but the irradiation range is limited). The LED chip package beads angle is larger, heat dissipation and stability will be much better, because there is no reflective cup and silica gel transmittance is low, so the light flux will be a little lower.

According to the size of power: can be divided into small power, high power (In the industry, the lamp above 0.5W is generally called high-power lamp). According to the shape, it can be divided into direct insertion and patch LED beads, which are plug-in beads like a hat. The LED chip package the lamp beads, that is, the flat LED chip encapsulates the lamp beads. The difference between direct insertion and patch LED beads is as follows: in the case of using the same light-emitting chip, there is no difference between the two, but the process difference: Direct insertion adopts DIP plug-in technology, while LED chip encapsulation lamp beads adopts LED chip encapsulation lamp beads technology, and the grade is higher.

LED lamp beads plug-in is mainly used for: Christmas lights, Great Wall lamp belt, ceiling lights, flashlights and so on. The patch is mainly used for soft and hard lamp strip, fluorescent lamp tube, corn lamp and table lamp.

Directly inserted led beads and LED chip package beads have their respective advantages. When you buy, you should choose the right place to use it.
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