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What Trend Will Smart COB LED Set Off In The LED Display Industry?

At the end of the year, the industry circle is quite lively, and the major manufacturers are still having frequent actions! The strong introduction of the major technological achievements is nothing more than to show the public the fruitful development of the industry. At present, the development momentum of the industry is becoming more and more intense, the technical content is also getting higher and higher, the leading enterprises in the industry are unable to withstand the point of view of innovative development and always have to get ahead of the time in the first place.

The momentum of the industry is rising day by day, and the technical achievements are fruitful.

As we all know, China's LED display industry, as a new industry developed in recent decades, mainly benefited from the support and guidance of the national policy. Nowadays, both from the industrial point of view, or from the technical point of view, it has entered the world's advanced ranks. From the industrial point of view, China is now the largest producer of LED, but also the largest consumer and the largest exporter. What is more worth mentioning is that the scale of production has exceeded 500 billion yuan. From the technical point of view, China's LED display technology began to focus on catching up with tracking, while layout innovation. As far as technology is concerned, it is almost the same as the world first-class level on the whole, and some of the technology even leads the world. The above achievements are worthy of praise by the industry.

Smart COB LED display screen may become the mainstream of Industry Development.

Today, smart cob led can provide a better heat dissipation platform for LED display screen in the process of operation. Because COB LED package is a direct and close contact between granular crystals and PCB board, it can make full use of the "substrate area" to achieve heat conduction and heat dissipation. The heat dissipation level is the core factor to determine the stability, point defect rate and service life of small spacing LED screen. Better heat dissipation structure, naturally means better overall stability.

The road ahead of technology is endless; newer and higher results are still on the way.

However, the future of the industry can not be dominated by "one family" alone. The technical improvement of Smart cob led display products is not "smooth sailing". After three stages of change, such as direct insertion, watch sticking and COB, after two revolutions, from direct insertion and watch sticking to COB means smaller spacing and higher resolution. This is not only technological progress, but also the industry is moving towards a higher ladder.

To sum up, smart COB LED has become a competitive place for LED packaging enterprises. Large international factories are even trying to open the gap with domestic enterprises with high-quality and high efficiency COB LED products, seizing a large share of the market, and expanding the COB product line one after another. Committed to the improvement of high-quality, high-efficiency, cost-effective COB products, they will also design customized services and solutions, which have become the sales strategy of large factories in the upper and middle reaches.
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