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What is SMD LED?

SMD LED packaging means surface mounted light emitting diodes. SMD LED packaging patches help to improve production efficiency, as well as different facility applications. It is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. Its voltage is 1.9-3.2V. The red and yellow light voltages are the lowest. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor wafer. One end of the wafer is attached to a bracket, the other end is connected with the positive pole of the power supply, so that the whole wafer is encapsulated by epoxy resin. Semiconductor wafers consist of two parts, one is P-type semiconductor, in which holes dominate, and the other is N-type semiconductor, where electrons dominate. But when the two semiconductors are connected, a P-N junction is formed between them. When the current passes through the wire and acts on the wafer, the electrons are pushed toward the P region. In the P region, electrons recombine with holes and then emit energy in the form of photons, which is the principle of LED luminescence. The wavelength of light, the color of light, is determined by the material that forms the P-N junction.

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