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What is LED Package?

LED package refers to the packaging of light-emitting chips. The packaging material of LED requires that the chip can be protected and transparent. The function of packaging is to provide enough protection for the chip to prevent the chip from being exposed to air or being damaged by machinery. Good packaging technology and materials can make the LED have better luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, thereby improving the life of the LED. Packaging technology is particularly important for white LEDs. White LEDs must be processed by mixing more than two complementary colors of light to form white light. At present, there are three main processes to achieve white LED, blue LED with fluorescent powder, red, green and blue LED mixed, and ultraviolet LED mixed with multi-color phosphor.

LED package is of great significance to the realization of white LED. LED package with pin type package and surface mount package. Pin-type packaging mainly uses lead bracket as pins of various packaging exterior shapes. There are many kinds of pins and mature technology. Epoxy resin is widely used in packaging materials, which has good light properties, good process adaptability and high product applicability. Products can be packaged into transparent or colorless transparent and colorless scattering or colorless scattering lens packaging, according to the needs of use, can complete different lens shape and size.

Surface mounted LED is also called patch LED. The patch LED beads have gradually occupied a certain share in the market. Switching from pin to SMD is the main trend in the development of electronic industry. The characteristics of SMD can effectively solve the problems of brightness, angle of view, smoothness and consistency. By using lighter PC board and reflective layer materials, and reducing heavy material pins, the weight can be reduced by reducing size, making it more suitable for outdoor applications of large products.

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