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UV SMD light-emitting diode belongs to the field of optoelectronic packaging technology. It belongs to the field of surface mount LED packages with high light efficiency, high reliability and high heat conduction of UV light emitting diode (UV~LED) for special applications.

UV light emitting diodes are divided into UVC deep ultraviolet (190nm~280 nano), near ultraviolet UVB (280~380nm) and ultraviolet UVA (380~420nm) from the wavelength, which have their own different characteristics and application fields.

The traditional ultraviolet generator is usually a fluorescent lamp tube, through the material coated in the sealed glass tube, under the action of cathode rays to produce ultraviolet light, with the advantages of simple process and low cost. However, the filled substances usually contain heavy metal substances such as mercury (Hg), which have been explicitly banned after a few years. And the fluorescence efficiency is low, and it is difficult to miniaturize.

Uv smd LED  has the following advantages:

1, low cost, miniaturized, surface covered with standard components;
2, the problem of rapid deterioration of optical output performance of deep ultraviolet LED for non-airtight packaging after working for hundreds of hours because the sealing grade cannot meet the requirements is solved;
3, products with TEC semiconductor refrigeration structure to meet the very high heat dissipation requirements of high-power chips;
4, it can adapt to the product structure design of a variety of packaging processes, such as laser welding, parallel sealing welding, low temperature brazing and so on. It can freely combine the product structure of various quartz lenses or light windows.
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