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The Future of Dob Module Is Probably Coming.

DOB LED module is about to have strong market demand. DOB modules are popular among end users and many LED manufacturers due to their simple structure, convenient production and low cost. We have seen a lot of feedback from the final sales channel and designated OEMs to provide DOB solutions. In Homedepot, Cosco, Menards and other lighting stores, ceiling lamps, downlights, cabinet lights and other lamps based on DOB LED module, have become a hot sale in the mall.

At the same time, however, the development prospects of DOB modules have been foggy. Many lighting companies have been stunned and have various concerns. The representative questions include: Is the DOB LED module safe enough to cause an electric shock? Can the DOB module be able to operate reliably for a long time, and can provide a 5-year warranty in some high-maintenance applications? How to deal with the flash problem, will it not pass the necessary certification?

At the same time as the rapid development of LED technology, practitioners need to face the downward price pressure. The DOB LED module currently has the characteristics of time, location and people.The trend toward large-scale applications is unstoppable. First of all, in the industry chain, with the continuous decline of LED chip prices, the improvement of light efficiency, high-voltage LEDs required by DOB modules, such as 9V 18V 2835 package, 24V 5050 package, mainstream LED suppliers include international brand OSRAM, Lumileds, Samsung, SeoulSemi and domestic brand LED companies Zhaochi, Ruifeng, Hongli, Xinyue Optoelectronics, etc. have volume supply for indoor and outdoor applications. In the field of driver ICs, domestic chip companies, with their advantages closer to the production users, continue to iterate and introduce new technologies such as constant power control, etc., and have already taken the lead in the world in the field of AC direct drive ICs. Around the DOB module, the shell manufacturer has also introduced a casing that can withstand a voltage of 4000 volts. The lens manufacturer also has a special lens for DOB modules for various applications. It is precisely because of the optimistic prospects for the future, the division of labor in the industry chain will enable the performance of DOB modules to continue to increase, and prices continue to decline. We also call for more manufacturers to participate, open standards, division of labor and cooperation, and create a brilliant tomorrow for DOB modules.

In the technical aspect, the two major factors that restrict the development of integrated modules for driving light sources - strobe and stability have been solved. A product with broad application prospects must have two basic characteristics. One is to obtain market entry thresholds through recognized international standards and industry standards. Second, the products are stable and reliable, and they can be relieved of worry after shipment. Cool Blue Technology has been working in this field for many years and is the only company with the ability to drive chip research and development and module mass production. We are willing to open up our own technology accumulation, analyze the structure of hot products in the customer market; analyze the impact of PCB substrate on the performance of the whole lamp; analyze how to ensure the long-term stability of the DOB module system; how could the DOB module pass the American standard JA8 T24 certification , Energy Star certification and CE certification.
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