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What is cob Package?
COB package the full name is chips on board, it is a technology to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED. Compare...
Packaging Differences and Advantages of SMD and COB
In the production of led, there are different packaging technologies, including cob led and SMD led. What is the differe...


  1. 2010.
  2. 226 million RMB.
  3. 100K.
  4. 3 working days for sample order and 7 working days for mass production.
  5. 51 patents, nearly 40 skilled engineers, national approved CNAS lab.
  6. We have strict quality control from material, production and shipment.
  7. Crescent is a famous brand in China.
  8. Bank transfer(TT), 30% deposit before production, remaining 70% payment before delivery.
  9. No need. We have strict quality control before delivery, and offer 2 years' warranty for our LED Light Source.
  10. Quite strict with our material, high standards for quality control, pick lowest price get the best products.
  11. ①. The main material of EMC scaffold is epoxy resin, which belongs to thermosetting material. PCT is thermoplastic material. 
    ②. According to the high temperature resistance and UV resistance nature, PCT is only suitable for 1W but EMC can be upto 5W.
    ③. In terms of price, PCT is much cheaper than EMC.