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Led smd Patch-2835 Features

The patch LED lamp beads are attached to the surface of the circuit board. They are suitable for SMT processing and can be reflow soldered. The patch LED beads solve the problems of brightness, angle of view, smoothness, reliability and consistency. Compared with other packaging devices, it has the advantages of strong vibration resistance, low defect rate of solder joints and good high frequency characteristics. It encapsulates more LED chips in a smaller area, uses lighter PCB and reflective material, and shows that the reflective layer needs less epoxy resin to fill. By removing heavy carbon steel pins and reducing size, the weight of the product can be easily reduced by half. The volume and weight of the product are only about 1/10 of the traditional cartridge components. The volume and weight of electronic products are reduced by 40%-60% and 60%-80% respectively after using patch packaging, which ultimately makes the application more perfect. 2835 RGB LED SMD is one of the excellent patch LED beads.

2835 RGB LED SMD has a wide range of applications. It is a super-thin series SMD LED with radiator. Its size is 2.8mm x 3.5mm, thickness is 0.83mm, luminous angle is 120 degrees, and 2835 patch can achieve 1W.

Colored light (red, yellow, blue, green, yellow-green, orange, pink) and white light (color temperature range 5000-21000k) can also be produced according to different requirements of customers.

2835 RGB LED SMD features: high cost performance, mature technology, good color consistency, light loss of 3000 hours less than 2%. It can improve the performance of lighting products.

2835 RGB LED SMD application: suitable for bulb lamp, tube lamp, light source module and other lighting categories, panel lamp, fluorescent lamp, spray lamp, advertising lamp and other LED lamps.

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