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XY14D Flip COB LED unavailable
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Principle of Reverse COB: the chip is directly fixed in the chip welding plate of the substrate (the circuit is already designed at the bottom), with solder paste as the solid crystal agent, and the solid crystal process is finished by the reflux furnace without the traditional welding process.

Advantages of Flip Chip LED Package over formal Packaging:

  • The COB light source is connected by gold wires inside, the dense and fragile gold wires are easily damaged by external force, as well as expansion and contraction of the colloid, then to be broken. There is no such worry for Reverse XY14D COB, it has obvious advantages in reliability.
  • The chip heat dissipation in formal COB is through the solid crystal glue, then flow to the substrate. In reverse XY14D, the chip and solder paste directly from an alloy, then heat is dissipated directly by the substrate. Compared with the formal packaging, the heat dissipation is better, and the thermal resistance is lower for reverse packaging.
  • The same size reverse XY14D can withstand higher driving current than formal XY14D, so as to achieve higher density at the same package size (small luminous surface) and concentrated irradiation Angle.

Therefore, reverse XY14D performances better than formal packaging in 5-18w lamps, whose working condition is dark, humid, high temperature and so on.

Presently, we have two sizes of reverse packaging products: XY14D and XY19D.


XY14D(XY1021) Product Code
Color Temperature(mm)
Common color temperature and code
Color Rendering Index(Ra)
Forward Voltage(v) Current(mA)
XY14D/5W 11 5400K±250K(S-8)
80/90 30-34 150
XY14D/7W 42-48
XY14D/12W 72-82
XY14D/15W 90-102

XY14D/19D Flip COB Light Source

XY19D Product Code Color Temperature(mm) Common color temperature and code Color Rendering Index(Ra) Forward Voltage(v) Current(mA)
XY19D/18W 16.5 5400K±250K(S-8)
80/90 108-122 150
XY19D/24W 72-82 300
XY19D/30W 90-102
XY19D/35W 105-120

XY14D/19D Flip COB Light Source

Applications for Reverse packaging XY14D and XY19D

XY14D/19D Flip COB Light Source
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