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RGB Integrated COB LED unavailable

RGB Integrated COB LED

Copper stent encapsulation material high-end, pure gold line, has the good effect of mixed color, the product through high and low temperature thermal shock(-40℃/30min~~125℃/30min) 300 rounds of reliability test, higher than the industry's most stringent reliability test standards.

Features of RGB Integrated Colored COB LED:

  • High quality raw material. Crescent choose Epiled series chip for our colored integrated COB, perfect performance on color, special patent protection, all these make our product quality more stable.
  • All raw material we used for colored Integrated COB comply with RoHS, same as our mission for our product that save energy for our earth.
  • 99.99% pure gold wine for packing for all our colored integrated COB, make our product better performance, better conduct.
  • High thermal conductivity copper bracket, which provide excellent heat sink and better conductivity.
  • 250°C high temperature resistant silicone, which provide better heat resistance and more stable quality.
  • All colored integrated COB pass 300 times reliability test high and low temperature thermal shock( -40℃/30min~~125℃/30min), higher than the standard for this field, the most strictest standard we use.


PRODUCT CODE Length Of Grade(nm) Forward voltage(V) Current(MA)
J30-A3B38-R620-10C03 620-630 18-24 1050
J30-A3B35-G520-10C03 520-530 30-34
J30-A3XY35-B460-10C03 457.5-462.5

RGB size:

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