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Red Integrated COB LED unavailable

Red Integrated COB LED

Stable constant current switching power supply, longer service life, more durable; All cast aluminum shell, beautiful structure; Large size fan, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, is a good choice for wedding, stage and other occasions.

Product advantage of Red Integrated COB LED

  • Adopt domestic standard chip package, strong anti-aging ability and high light output
  • After continuous aging for 2000 hours, the light flux maintenance rate was more than 98
  • Product brightness high and low light life long spot uniform uniformity, strong anti-static ability

Application of Red Integrated COB LED

  • Building lighting: wall washing light, projection light, street light, tunnel light, shadow view light
  • Spotlights, flashlights, mining lamps, table lamps, alternating light signal indicator lights, underwater lights
  • Interior decorative lights (downlights, corridor lights, ceiling lights)
  • Ornamental garden lights (pavilion lights, lawn lights, ground lights)


integrated COB Common color temperature serialization Voltage Crurrent
10W integrated blue COB 455-465 3C3B 9-10 1050
30W integrated blue COB 455-465 10C3B 30-34 1050
10W integrated green COB 520-530 3C3B 9-10 1050
30W integrated green COB 520-530 10C3B 30-34 1050
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