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What is cob Package?
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Packaging Differences and Advantages of SMD and COB
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Professional Application COB LED

While COB LED light could be used for higher output general lighting, the primary use for COB LEDs would be as solid-state lighting (SSL) replacements for metal-halide lamps in applications such as high-bay lighting, street lights, and high-output track lights and downlights.

Overview of Professional Application COB LED

Features of Specific Condition COB LED:

  • To enhance the color of the object with a specific light, to make it look more authentic and full, improving the customer's buying desire.
  • This kind of LED lights are mainly used in commercial lighting, to enhance the light color of the product on sale, due to its special color and CRI requirements;
  • Promoting Special color CRI of 1919 COB LED package, power covers 18-35w, color area can be customized;
  • Excellent performance.High luminous flux maintenance rate, no glare, uniform and soft color, high fidelity, high environmental amenity

Professional commercial lighting COB Series

Jade/vegetables: 5500K(Q1) Bacon/beef: 2400K(Q2) Bread cake: 2600K(Q3)
Men's clothes: 3200K(Q5) Women's clothes & bedding products: 2800K(Q7) Vegetables & fruits: 4000K(Q8)
ndoor casual clothing: 3900K(Q9) Fresh Meat: 2900K(Q10) Rosewood: 1650K(Q11)
Porcelain:5700K(Q14) Gold:2100K(Q12) Silver & diamond:7500K(Q13)