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PCT3030 White SMD LED
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PCT3030 White SMD LED

Advanced centrifugal process packaging technology, uniform light spot, excellent anti-vulcazation performance, comply with the international energy standards of the US Energy Star; material: PCT, gold wire package, the product through high and low temperature thermal shock (-40℃/30min ~~ 125℃/30min) 500 rounds of reliability test, higher than the industry's most stringent reliability test standards, reliable quality. 

PCT3030 White SMD LED Description

Safe and reliable, the product has obtained test reports and certifications such as LM-80 and EN62471(blue light hazard).


bulb lamp, downlight, light source module lighting, advertising products

Product Features of PCT3030 White SMD LED

  • 3.4mm*3.0mm *0.7mm SMT LED Thickness.
  • View Anglc: 120°
  • Package:4000PCS/Packet
  • Dice:Blue(InGaN)
  • Operating Temperature:-40~+80℃
  • Soldering Temperature:260for10sec℃
  • Super High Power Consumption
  • Various Colors And Types Available.
  • Resin(Mold): Silicone
  • Reverse Voltage:5V
  • Storage Temperature:-40~+100℃
  • Pulsed Forward Current 200mA (Duty 1/10, Pulse Width 0.1mS.)

Electrical Parameter(Ta=25℃)

PCT3030 White SMD LED Product Code Common Color Temperature CRI Luminous Flux(lm) Forward Voltage Current Sdcm
S01-P30FXYOA-XXXX-21 6250K±250K(062)
70/80 110-120 5.8-6.0 150 <6
S01-P30FJOA-XXXX-21 125-135 6.0-6.2
S01-P30FXYOL-XXXX-22 130-140 6.2-6.4
S01-P30FJOS-XXXX-21 140-150
S01-P30FXYOG-XXXX-21 150-160

Product Code Length Of Grade(nm) Luminous Flux(lm) Forward Voltage Current
S01-P30FXXXX-R620-XX 620-630 50-60 2.0-2.4 350
S01-P30FXXXX-R660-XX 660-665 20-30 2.0-2.4
S01-P30FXXXX-R730-XX 730-740 250-350 2.0-2.4
S01-P30FXXXX-G520-XX 520-530 90-100 2.8-3.4
S01-P30FXXXX-B455-XX 455-465 30-40 350

Product Pictures and Sizes of PCT3030 White SMD LED

PCT3030 White Light SourcePCT3030 White Light SourcePCT3030 White Light Source
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