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Integrated Colored COB LED

Intergrated COB colored and Intergrated COB RGB: Crescent provide Intergrated COB on Red, Green, Blue and RGB for client's choice.

Overview of Integrated Colored COB LED

Standard colored intergrated COB for Crescent as below

10W Red Intergrated COB 620-630 3C3B
10W Green Intergrated COB 520-530 3C3B
10W Blue Intergrated COB 455-465 3C3B
30W Red Intergrated COB 620-630 10C3B
30W Green Intergrated COB 520-530 10C3B
30W Blue Intergrated COB 455-465 10C3B
10W Intergrated COBRGB 620-625/520-525/455-465 3C3B
10W Intergrated COBRGB 3C3B
30W Intergrated COBRGB 10C3B
30W Intergrated COBRGB 10C3B
30W Intergrated COBRGB 10C3B


To avoid moisture, we recommend storage conditions for the unopened LED +5 ~ +30 °C, rela-tive humidity <60%. LED should be used within 168 Hrs. of opening the package. Please make sure to dehumidify and vacuum pack the remaining/ unused LED. Dehumidifying condition: +120 ° C ± 5 ° C, 04 Hrs. Effective age for the sealed led is one year.

The soldering precautions

Soldering conditions: Reflow soldering is not recommended for this LED. If hand soldering, set sol-dering iron temperature at 350°C and soldering time not More than 5 seconds, after the first soldering, make sure the substrate surface temperature returns to ambient temperature before a second soldering. Please make sure when soldering, there is no external force on the soldering surface and silicon batardeau (such as pressure, friction or sharp metal nails, etc.), to avoid gold wire deformation or dam-age and other abnormalities. If beyond recommended conditions, we cannot guarantee the LED stability, please do the risk assessment first. During assembly, please ensure that a good quality thermal paste is applied and distributed evenly over the surface. While using thermal pad (Heat Sink), make sure LED is firmly tightened and there is no gap between surfaces. In such heat-media products, through a pressure test of at least 500 volts.

Anti-Static Measures

Please take adequate measures to prevent electrostatic generation, such as wearing electrostatic ring or anti-static fingerstall etc; any relative products like plant equipment, machinery, carrier and transpor-tation units shall be connected to discharging unit/ ground. The ESD sensitivity of this product is > 1000V(HBM), after assembly the final lamp, please make sure to discharge Static Electricity by proper ESD equipment.

Temperature Control

Recommended temperature conditions for enhanced product life: Be sure to TS point (negative pads) controlled below 85 ℃, COB recommendation colloid surface temperature control ≤150 ℃.

The drive control

Drive this product at constant current. Output current range specifications should be ac-cording to the operational and other conditions, as mentioned in data sheet. Before using a constant voltage source or altered specifications other than recommended, please consider risk factors.


Should the product be used outdoors, be sure to IP (protection class) ≥65

Product is not suitable to use in following conditions:

  • Direct or indirect wet / damp conditions, such as rain, etc.;
  • In contact with sea water and erosive materials
  • Exposed to corrosive gases (e.g., Cl2, H2S, NH3, SOx, NOx, etc.);
  • Exposed to dust, liquids or oils.