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Integrated COB LED

In order to meet customers' needs, our company provides 10-100w integrated white COB LED for option. For special customers requirements, we can provide up to 300W integration white light.

Overview of Integrated COB LED

Main features for Integrated White COB LED

  • Broad power range from 10W to 150W
  • Excellent light output, Low thermal resistance
  • High color rendering, uniform luminescence, no spot, health and environmental protection.
  • Strong reliability, no spot, no glare, no glare, and easy to assemble, easy to maintain;
  • COB integrated COB LED is widely used in LED bulb, LED cup, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamp, LED bean bile lamp and other products. It is one of the mainstream trends of LED light source at present
  • High light efficiency up to 170LM/W, high brightness, high power up to 300W
  • Original Bridgelux chip, patent protection, more quality guaranteed for our products
  • High thermal conductivity copper substrate, good heat dissipation leads to long lifespan
  • 200ºC High temperature resistant silicon, avoiding the temperature rising too high, which will lead to silica gel fracture, and gold wire broken, then final LED damage
  • Shenzhen Crescent has been engaged in the integration of white COB LED over 7 years, rich experience and mature technical team promote our product quality continuously.