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High Power LED

High power led light source; available in red, blue, green, cool white, white, and warm white color; energy efficient; exposed metal slug for excellent heat transfer; compatible with reflow soldering process; high current operation; long operation life; silicone encapsulation.

Overview of High Power LED

  • White High Power LEDWhite High Power LED

    • Imported chips;
    • The company's gold wire, phosphors are internationally renowned brands.
    • 99.99% pure gold wire welding wire
    • High brightness, low attenuation, low energy consumption, long life, strong anti-static ability
    • All the products are encapsulated with silica gel and meet the requirements of environmental protection lead-free manufacturing process.
    • Light fade: range from 0 to 2000 hours
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  • Colored High Power LEDColored High Power LED

    • Gold wire pure copper bracket packaging, mixed color effect; 
    • Support surface mount technology. Full color in one package.
    • Aluminum substrate series, fast heat dissipation, excellent insulation;
    • Variety of dimensions.installation friendly
    • Spot color uniform consistency can provide knitting bag packaging support automatic SMT products through the high and low temperature cold heat shock
    • (40/30min-125/30min). 300 rounds of reliability test are higher than the same industry the most stringent reliability test standard quality is reliable.
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Features of High Power LED 

  • 1/3W High power led
  • Long operating life, High flux
  • More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps
  • Low voltage DC operated
  • Cool beam, safe to the touch
  • Instant light (less than 100ns )
  • Anti UV
  • Superior ESD protection
  • RoHS compliant

High Power LED Applications

street light, torch lights, automotive exterior,edge-lit signs, decorative, cove lighting, advertising  signs, circuit board, computer, monitor, portable equipment, project building,  status indicator,  telephone, traffic signal lights and automotive, channel letter lighting, etc