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High light density flip COB, this product USES no gold wire packaging, at the same time has the advantages of high central light intensity, uniform light output, high reliability, the size of the product is compatible with the commercial bracket and lens on the market and other related kits. It overcomes the disadvantage that the voltage of the formal chip increases sharply with the increase of the input current and is prone to burn out. At the same time, it can provide more uniform light output effect and higher optical density per unit area. At the same time, the product USES high thermal conductivity and high insulation substrate material, full heat dissipation capacity is more excellent.

Overview of Flip COB LED

The advantages of our Flip COB LED packaging products are as below:

1. The voltage is controlled below 15%, lower than regular 20% of the industry
2. High light maintenance rate, light decay less than 5% after 1000h high temperature aging
3. Excellent cost performance, customized size

The Principle of Flip COB LED

The chip is directly fixed in the chip welding plate of the substrate (the circuit is already designed at the bottom), with solder paste as the solid crystal agent, and the solid crystal process is finished by the reflux furnace without the traditional welding process.