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EMC5050 White SMD LED

EMC5050 White SMD LED

The LED chip is permanently fused to a printed circuit board, and it's highly popular due to its versatility. You can find it in light bulbs and string lights, and even in the notification light on your mobile phone.

Product Advantages of EMC5050 White SMD LED:

Advanced centrifugal process packaging technology, uniform light spot, excellent anti-vulcanization performance, comply with the international energy standards of the US Energy Star: material: EMC, gold wire package, the product through high and low temperature thermal shock (-40℃/30 min~~125℃/30min)500 rounds of reliability test, higher than the industry’s most stringent reliability test standards, reliable quality. Safe and reliable, the product has obtained test reports and certifications such as LM-80 and EN62471(blue light hazard).

Specification of EMC5050 White SMD LED:

Product Name Product Code RA70 RA80 voltage(V) Current(mA) CHIPS Chips Specification
5W5050EMC S05-E50YS0B-XXXX-81 660 600 12V/24V 320/160 SANAN 2235*8
S05-E50YJ0S-XXXX-81 580 530 BridGelux 2630*8
S05-E50YA0G-XXXX-81 660 610 Epistar 2240*8

Features of EMC5050 White SMD LED

  • Dice: Blue(InGaN)
  • Operating Temperature:-40~+80℃
  • Soldering Temperature:260for10sec℃
  • Super High Power Consumption
  • Various Colors And Types Available.
  • Resin(Mold):Silicone
  • Reverse Voltage:5V
  • Storage Temperature:-40~+100℃
  • Pulsed Forward Current 150mA (Duty 1/10,Pulse Width 0.1mS.)

Other points for attention:

  • No pressure should be exerted to the epoxy shell of the SMD under high temperature.
  • Do not scratch or wipe the lens since the lens and gold wire inside are rather fragile and cross out easy to break. .
  • LED should be used as soon as possible when being taken out of the original package, and should be stored in anti-moisture and anti-ESD package.
  • Do not stack together assembled PCBs containing LEDs. Impact may scratch the silicone lens or damage the internal circuitr

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