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EMC3030 White SMD LED

EMC3030 White SMD LED

Advanced centrifugal process packaging technology, uniform light spot, excellent anti-vulcanization performance, comply with the international energy standards of the US Energy Star: material: EMC, gold wire package, the product through high and low temperature thermal shock (-40℃/30 min~~125℃/30min) 500 rounds of reliability test, higher than the industry's most stringent reliability test standards, reliable quality. Safe and reliable, the product has obtained test reports and certifications such as LM-80 and EN62471(blue light hazard).

Product Features of EMC3030 White SMD LED

  • The mail materials for EMC plate is epoxy resin, thermoset material, its high temperature resistance and strong anti-UV, the power can reach 2W, and the plate usually takes 1W.
  • 99.99% gold wire package, super electrical conductivity, can improve the transformation of electric energy and other photoelectricity parameters of the products.
  • 3Origin chips, guarantee photoelectricity parameter and lifespan.
  • Advanced centrifugal process packaging technology, uniform light spot, excellent anti-vulcanization performance.
  • All our products pass strict destructive test;
  • Red ink test: boiling in the foundation with 1:1 alcohol and red ink, test the lamp beads' anti-osmosis ability while working.
  • Vulcanization test: heat the lamp beads and powdered sulfur at 85℃ in airtight container for 6 hours, test its resistance to halogen elements like sulfur.
  • High temperature burn-in test: light it at 105℃ for 1000 hours, test its lifespan while it's working in bad condition of heat dissipation.
  • Cold and hot shock test: continually working for 300 rounds at -45℃ to 125℃ environment, test how reflow soldering influence the light beads and its reliability while working in harsh temperature.
  • Double 85 test: working at the environment of 85℃ and 85% humidity for 1000 hours, test the resistance to humidity invade of finished products.
  • All shipment products comply with the standards of the US Energy Star.
  • Obtain test and certifications like LM-80 and photobiological certification.


Streetlight, flood light, downlight, spotlight, underground light, lawn light, landscape light, yard light, wall washer light.

Specification of EMC3030 White SMD LED

Product Code Common color temperature and Wavelength CRI Luminous Flux(lm) Forward voltage(v) Current(mA) Sdcm
S01-E30YXY0A-XXXX-21 6250K±250K(062)
70/80 130-140 5.8-6.0
S01-E30YXY0G-XXXX-21 140-150 6.0-6.2 150 <6
S01-E30YA0G-XXXX-21 150-160 6.2-6.4

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