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DOB LED Series

Compared with DC LED modules, DOB(driver on board) Series module doesn't need to connect external driver so that it can help to reduce the circuit cost and the size of luminaires. It is more convenient for luminaire design with DOB Series module. With smart lighting dimming system, users can adjust the brightness of LED lamps easily.

Combined with LED 3030 COB integrated module color index 80 above. The products are certified by CE, ROHS FCC. SAA and RCM which are free of power easy to install high performance good heat dissipation light weight long quality excellent price no ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

Overview of DOB LED Series

  • ACIC 3030 DOB LED Moudle Series

    ACIC 3030 DOB LED Moudle SeriesACIC 3030 DOB LED Moudle Series

    • The mobile phone shoots no fashing at 0.5 meters, lightning strikes 2KV, withstand voltage 3750V, can be used for double-ended male and female head wiring
    • 220v, the current is small and the number of single connection is 3-5 times that of traditional lamps, and the safety distance is in line
    • With CCC standards, double 85 aging 1000 hours without abnormal luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 92%,-40-125°C cold and hot rush
    • 200 times the luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 95%, can be limited at-25-85°C conditions use.

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  • ACIC Flip COB LED Series

    ACIC Flip COB LED SeriesACIC Flip COB LED Series

    • Linear flip-chip solution, 40℃/30min-125℃/30min thermal shock 300 rounds;
    • high reliability, double 85℃ aging and 105℃ aging 168H light maintenance ate is greater than 92%; 
    • intelligent linear constant power IC control, photoelectric Integration, more stable performance, PF>0.9, with overvoltage protection, over temperature protection, overcurrent protection; 
    • 2KV anti-surge surge protection; 
    • CE, ROHS, FCC, SAA, RCM certifcation...
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