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Packaging Differences and Advantages of SMD and COB
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Colored SMD LED

SMD color consistency is good. The dispensing process adopts centrifugal technology to enhance the uniformity of the light spot and good heat dissipation. Plasma cleaning before welding line to improve the bonding force between golden wire welding ball and chip and bracket. Plasma cleaning before solid crystal support, clear the residual of the support, coating oxides and so on, improve the solid crystal adhesion.

Overview of Colored SMD LED

Features of Colored SMD LED:

  • Separation design, Design Flexible, cost savings on a system level;
  • Small thickness, high productivity, not easy to oxidize, high efficiency, anti-vibration, light source concentration
  • Support surface mount technology
  • The product has passed lm-80 certification
  • Chip with high power back aluminum plating process, more direct heat dissipation
  • It can be used in ultraviolet application light source, infrared application light source, plant growth light and other different application fields