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Colored High Power LED

  • Gold wire pure copper bracket packaging, mixed color effect; 
  • Support surface mount technology. Full color in one package. 
  • Aluminum substrate series, fast heat dissipation, excellent insulation;
  • Variety of dimensions.installation friendly 
  • Spot color uniform consistency can provide knitting bag packaging support automatic SMT products through the high and low temperature cold heat shock
  • (40/30min-125/30min). 300 rounds of reliability test are higher than the same industry the most stringent reliability test standard quality is reliable

Overview of Colored High Power LED


  • Static electricity or high pressure will damage the lamp beads. When using the lamp beads, it is recommended to wear anti-static ring or anti-static gloves
  • Soldering iron welding, machine grounding; All driving devices shall be grounded to ensure the lamp bead voltage is within the normal range

Heat dissipation:

  • When the lamp bead is energized, the higher the current, the greater the heat generated by the lamp bead; Excessive temperature will damage the lamp beads, the need for reasonable control of the current
  • Need to add the cooling plate and the radiator, the environment temperature control in 40 ~ 60 ℃