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COB LED Series

Product material high-end fastidious, imported German ammonium aluminum plate gold wire 99.999 encapsulation high photosynthetic efficiency. Long life products through 300 rounds of cold and hot shock (40/30min -125/30min)reliability test the industry's most stringent reliability test standards safe and reliable. COB LED package sizes: 1414, 1919, XY14D, XY19D, etc.

Overview of COB LED Series

  • High Efficiency COB LEDHigh Efficiency COB LED

    • 10000hrs LM-80 certified LED
    • High efficacy, up to 155lm/W(@80RA&135lm/W@90RA
    • Broad power range from 3W to 80W
    • Large scale production for Ra80 Rag0 Ra97
    • Macadam 3 Steps color binning range
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  • Flip COB LEDFlip COB LED

    High light density flip COB, this product USES no gold wire packaging, at the same time has the advantages of high central light intensity, uniform light output, high reliability, the size of the product is compatible with the commercial bracket and lens on the market and other related kits. It overcomes the disadvantage that the voltage of the formal chip increases sharply with the increase of the input current and is prone to burn out. At the same time, it can provide more uniform light output effect and higher optical density per unit area. At the same time, the product USES high thermal conductivity and high insulation substrate material, full heat dissipation capacity is more excellent Learn More
  • Professional Application COB LEDProfessional Application COB LED

    While COB LED light could be used for higher output general lighting, the primary use for COB LEDs would be as solid-state lighting (SSL) replacements for metal-halide lamps in applications such as high-bay lighting, street lights, and high-output track lights and downlights. Learn More
  • Full Spectrum COB LEDFull Spectrum COB LED

    • The term "full spectrum" refers to the spectral curve that contains ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light in the spectrum and is available
    • The proportion of red, green and blue in the light part is similar to that of sunlight, and the chromogenic index is close to the spectrum of 1
    • Explicit Ra can be up to 95 or more
    • The color temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 6500K
    • It can truly restore the color of objects, bring more accurate light and color environment to each application scene, and provide customers with professional high-end customized services of chromatography and spectrum for special segmentation fields.
    • According to the color characteristics of the object or environment being illuminated, the spectral output is targeted to improve the fidelity, subdivision and professionalism, so as to meet customers' high-end lighting needs.
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  • Smart COB LEDSmart COB LED

    • White COB plus CSP color-mixing technology, excellent color intergration performance
    • High quality of light, 2700-6500K trajectory similar to the BBL
    • Flip chip package, zero risk of golden wire breakage, higher temperature tolerance capacity
    • Flexible usage, compatible with the mainstream lighting accessories in current market
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  • Integrated COB LEDIntegrated COB LED

    • Broad power range from 10W to 150W
    • Excellent light output, Low thermal resistance
    • High color rendering, uniform luminescence, no spot, health and environmental protection.
    • Strong reliability, no spot, no glare, no glare, and easy to assemble, easy to maintain;
    • COB integrated light source is widely used in LED bulb, LED cup, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamp, LED bean bile lamp and other products. It is one of the mainstream trends of LED light source at present
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  • Integrated Colored COB LEDIntegrated Colored COB LED

    • Integrated Colored COB: High thermal conductivity substrate, excellent heat dissipation performance, low thermal resistance
    • Strong reliability, no spot, no glare, no glare, and easy to assemble, easy to maintain;
    • Installation is simple, easy to use, reducing the difficulty of lamp design, saving the cost of lamp processing and subsequent maintenance
    • Stable constant current switching power supply, longer service life, more durable;All cast aluminum shell, beautiful structure;Large size fan, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, is a good choice for wedding, stage and other occasions.
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Product feature:

  • LED using the high-quality encapsulation material with copper stent, Doubling 99.99% gold wire, Taiwan and American chip brand (Epistar, Epileds, Bridgelux), Dow Corning resin, Intematix phosphor
  • High reliability, high lighting effect
  • Products supply 100% full power.
  • Low heating generation to reduce electricity consumption
  • Great reducing carbon emission
  • Minimizing drastic climate change
  • Great reducing maintenance cost
  • Long lifespan
  • Instant start, no flashing
  • Low consumption, high brightness.

Product applications :

  • Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • General lighting
  • Automotive lights
  • LED module
  • Traffic Light
  • LED display
  • Reading light
  • Craft flashlights, headlights