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ACIC 3030 DOB LED Moudle Series

The mobile phone shoots no fashing at 0.5 meters, lightning strikes 2KV, withstand voltage 3750V,can be used for double-ended male and female head wiring 220v, the current is small and the number of single connection is 3-5 times that of traditional lamps, and the safety distance is in line with CCC standards, double 85 aging 1000 hours without abnormal luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 92%, -40-125°C cold and hot rush 200 times the luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 95%, can be limited at-25-85°C conditions use.

Overview of ACIC 3030 DOB LED Moudle Series

Product advantage of ACIC 3030 DOB LED Moudle Series

1. Reduce costs

It greatly reduces the processing cost and labor cost of the lighting factory

DOB module is the further of LED lighting driving, Standardization, automation and large-scale production

The conventional light source has big volume, lots of devices and is complicated to machining, all of that causes inconvenience to standardization, automation and large-scale production.

2. Stability

Negative factors increase since conventional light source has lots of components and parts, especially problem of electrolytic capacitor's life-span leads to probability of LED lights fault phenomenon increase. In order to eliminate 100HZ's power frequency flash, DOB IC driver would use the capacitor in valley fill circuit, but this capacitor has an essential difference from the conventional one. Furthermore, if the capacitor in linear valley fill circuit is broken, it does not cause death lamp, but the conventional one does.

3. Intelligent lighting

Compared with conventional Power IC driver, Linear IC Driver has its own advantage. Of course, conventional Power IC driver also can realize intelligent lighting, but it cost much more than the linear IC Driver.