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8 Legs RGBW High Power LED unavailable

8 Legs RGBW High Power LED

LED is called the fourth generation light source, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long service life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, shockproof, easy adjustment, microlight beam focused, simple maintenance, can be widely applied in various directions, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and other fields.

Product Description of 8 Legs RGBW High Power LED

  • Highest Flux RGBW
  • low voltage DC operated
  • high reliability and long life time
  • soon delivery
  • RoHs&CE

Product Features of 8 Legs RGBW High Power LED

Gold wire pure copper bracket packaging, mixed color effect, support surface mount technology. Full color RGBW four in one package.


All general Indoor RGB lighting and outdoor RGB lighting:

RGB Wall Washer / RGB Spotlight / RGB Follow Light / RGB Stage Light / RGB Underwater light etc.

Electrical Parameter(Ta=25℃)

Product Code Common color temperature and Wavelength Luminous Flux(lm) Forward voltage(v) Current(mA)
D08-B4-Z14-RGBW-1C4 620-630nm 40-70lm 1.8-2.6V 350mA
520-530nm 80-100lm 3.0-3.4V
460-465nm 10-20lm
6000-6500k 100-120lm

Product Size


Size of tube
Mode of packing
Carton size
quantity per Each tube
quantity per each carton
Gross weight
420*17*8 1*50*20*10 45*210*180 50pcs 1000pcs 8.6KG


LED Shipment and Storage

  • HIGH POWER series LED products must be protected from multi-layer lamination, impact and drop damage during shipment, storage, and assembly
  • Damage, special note: it is strictly prohibited to damage the luminescent area of Lambo LED lens and integrated products due to the external force, so as to prevent damage caused by the external force
  • The potential damage caused by LED products leads to abnormal use.
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