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6W LED Corrugated Lamp

6W LED Corrugated Lamp

DoB (Driver on Board) or Driverless, it also is what we usually call No driver, but it is not without power supply, but it gets rid of traditional AC/DC conversion, the LED Driver circuit and LED light string together the circuit. It is a new way about driver, it from the traditional switching power supply is based on the LED characteristics and derived a new driveway.

Crescent optoelectronic had designed led corrugated modulation scheme has the following advantages:

  • It can be Customized, we can according to the requirements of the client's suite design size, customer provided their case then we can design the finished product lamp to them;
  • We use the ACIC solution, it can save the cost of power supply, namely light source and power integration engine directly, let its directly connected to  AC110/220 v  then the source can work, it not only further reduces the processing cost and artificial cost of lamps factory,and it still can greatly shorten the production cycle.
  • This product is mainly used for designs city-lighting: roof and wall;
  • The Maintenance and installation of products are convenient .it can save the maintenance cost
  • Our corrugated lights have a combination of small size, high power factor (PF) and high luminous efficiency advantages and so on

Product Features

  • The mobile phone shoots no fashing at 0.5 meters, lightning strikes 2KV, withstand voltage 3750V, can be used for double-ended male and female head wiring
  • 220v, the current is small and the number of single connection is 5-8 times that of traditional lamps, and can be connected up to 100, safety distance Large
  • Compliance with CCC standards, double 85 aging 1000 hours without abnormal luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 92%,-40-125°C cold and hot rush
  • 200 times the luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 95%, can be limited at-25-85°C conditions use.

Electrical Parameter(Ta=25°C)

Product Code Common color temperature CRI Luminous Flux(lm/w) Forward Voltage(v) Power(W)
XY1-45CC0C-30KA6-2 3000土150 ≥60 70-80 AC200-240 6W
XY1-45CC0C-20TA6-2 1950士100 65-75

Notes for Table

  • The capacity of heat sink :Tj-IC<125℃
    Tj-IC =Tp+PIC*RIC (PIC=2.5W RIC=9℃/W Tp:surface temperature of IC)
  • All extreme conditions need to be satisfied.

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