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6 Legs RGB High Power LED unavailable

6 Legs RGB High Power LED

Gold wire pure copper bracket packaging, mixed color effect, support surface mount technology. Full color RGB three in one led.

Product Advantages of 6 Legs RGB High Power LED:

Highly anti-pressure, Low heat-resistance, High light-efficiency, High CRI, Highly anti-heat, Low light decay and Antisulfur. Good consistency of color etc... good performance in cold and heat shock testing(-40 ℃-100 ℃)

Product feature of 6 Legs RGB High Power LED :

  • LED using the high quality encapsulation material with copper stent, Pure 99.99% gold wire, Taiwan and American chip brand (Epistar, Epileds, Bridgelux), Dow corning resin, Intematix phosphor.
  • High reliability, high lighting effect.
  • High color rendition,CRI>70,80,90,95 can choose.
  • Products supply 100% full power.
  • Low heating generation to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Great reducing carbon emission.
  • Minimizing drastic climate change.
  • Great reducing maintenance cost.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Instant start, no flashing.
  • Low consumption, high brightness.

Product Applications :

  • Grow light
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Stage light
  • Automotive lights
  • LED module
  • Traffic Light
  • Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting
  • LED display


Aluminum substrate sereis, fast heat dissipation, excellent insulation, shilding electromagnetism, stronger figure shape compared to ceramic substrate, variaety of dimensions. installation friendly. 100-120LM/W.

Electrical Parameter(Ta=25℃)

Product Code Wavelength and Code Luminous Flux(lm) Forward voltage(V) Current(mA)
D03-A5-Z06-RGB-1C3 620-630nm 40-70lm 1.8-2.6V 350mA
520-530nm 80-120lm 3.0-3.4V
460-465nm 10-20lm

Recommended Landscape Light Source

Product Code Dominant Wavelength (nm) Forward Voltage(v) Current(mA
D03-A5-Z06-RGB-1C3 620-630 2.0-2.4 350
520-530 3.0-3.4
460-470 3.0-3.4

product size

Size of tube Mode of packing Carton size quantity per Each tube quantity per each carton Gross weight
420*17*8 1*50*20*10 45*210*180 50pcs 1000pcs 8.6KG

Product Package

Single Light Source Product Instructions:

  • It is recommended to use power less than 20 w iron, welding temperature must be kept below 360 ℃, avoid multiple welding, welding at a time
  • The connection time shall not exceed 3 seconds;Manual welding process is easy to cause damage to LED products, should be careful.
  • It is recommended to use lead-free reflow soldering, temperature setting up to 180 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃ (to tunnel furnace temperature area actual daily measurement temperature),
  • The peak temperature time shall not exceed 45 seconds. Excessive temperature and timeout will lead to lens shedding and deformation.Please do not correct during reflow welding
  • Apply any pressure to the product. After welding, the product will be processed after the temperature drops to room temperature.
  • After welding is recommended to use alcohol to clean, the temperature is not higher than 30 ℃ conditions with a clean cloth and a small amount of alcohol
  • Shall not exceed 3 minutes, wash, time is not higher than under the condition of 50 ℃ for 30 seconds.
  • Adopts different solder paste (cleaning equipment of solder paste brush is not complete), different types of products (glue composition is different) can not be cross-mixed (tunnel)
  • Full exhaust is required in the temperature zone of the track furnace) to avoid chemical reactions between different substances and damage to LED products

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