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3535 UV SMD LED unavailable
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SMD color consistency is good. The dispensing process adopts centrifugal technology to enhance the uniformity of the light spot and good heat dissipation. 

Product Features of 3535 UV SMD LED

  • Ceram plate package, thermoelectric separation design, high luminance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, mature technology, stable and reliable quality, small package size, conductive to lamp design and secondary lens optical design, to achieve a wider range of applications.
  • The size is 3.5*3.5*2.2mm of cream 3535, much smaller than high power series, even smaller than formal 5050 light beads, but it can still achieve 1W/3W universal, even 5W, higher light efficiency than 5050, light-emitting angel are both 120°.
  • The vertical chip package can realize white light, full color, red light, green light, blue light, infrared, purple light, deep ultraviolet and other fields.
  • Special application UV 3535, wavelength 365nm, 382nm, 395nm, 405nm. UV 3535, 365NM, 385NM, 395NM, 405NM. With advantages like low voltage operation, high heat dissipation efficiency, good anti-static, light up quickly.

Application of 3535 UV SMD LED

LED plant grow light, street light, track light, strong light flashlight lighting, UV curing, UV printing, UV exposure, nail lamp, anti-counterfeiting, mosquito lamp.

Specification of 3535 UV SMD LED

Product Code Length Of Grade(nm) Luminous Power(mw) Forward Voltage(v) Current(mA)
S03-T35FXYXX-XXXX-XX 360-410 700-1000 3.0-3.4 700
XY02-T35P-S275-XXQ 270-285 2-4 5-8 40
XY02-T35J-S275-XXQ 270-285 2-4 5-8 40
XY05-T35H-S275-XXQ 270-285 5-7 5-8 100
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