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3030 RGB SMD LED unavailable
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SMD color consistency is good. The dispensing process adopts centrifugal technology to enhance the uniformity of the light spot and good heat dissipation. 

Product Advantages of RGB 3030 SMD LED

  • All colors included customized wavelength.
  • Red light: 620-630NM (R620), Green light: 520-530NM(G520), Blue light: 455-465NM(B455), Yellow light: 1950±75K (2G), Amber light: 595-605NM(H595), Orange light600-610NM(O600), Pink light:2050±75K(F20)
  • Small volume, big light-emitting area, high luminance; good consistency, without color differences; silicone package, strong anti-UV, high temperature resistance, applied to reflow soldering, working in harsh environments.
  • Products pass strict destructive test of this industry.
    Red ink test
    Vulcanization test
    High-temperature burn-in test
    Cold and hot shock test
    Double 85 test
  • Comply with the standards of the US Energy Star and ERP.
  • Obtain test and certifications like LM-80 and photobiological certification.


downlight, light bulb, panel light, stage lighting, building/outdoor lighting, landscape light, instrument display, strip light, signal light, advertisement letter, advertisement lightbox, etc

Specification of RGB 3030 SMD LED:

Product Code Length Of Grade(nm) Luminous Flux(lm) Forward Voltage Current
S01-P30FXXXX-R620-XX 620-630 50-60 2.0-2.4 350
S01-P30FXXXX-R660-XX 660-665 20-30
S01-P30FXXXX-R730-XX 730-740 250-350 2.8-3.4
S01-P30FXXXX-G520-XX 520-530 90-100
S01-P30FXXXX-B455-XX 455-465 30-40

Product Features of RGB 3030 SMD LED

  • 3.4mm*3.0mm *0.7mm SMT LED Thickness.
  • View Angle: 120°
  • Package:4000PCS/Packet
  • Dice:Blue(InGaN)
  • Operating Temperature:-40~+80℃
  • Soldering Temperature:260for10sec℃
  • Super High Power Consumption
  • Various Colors And Types Available.
  • Resin(Mold): Silicone
  • Reverse Voltage:5V
  • Storage Temperature:-40~+100℃
  • Pulsed Forward Current 200mA (Duty 1/10, Pulse Width 0.1mS.
R/G/B 3030/2835 Light Source
R/G/B 3030/2835 Light Source
R/G/B 3030/2835 Light Source

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