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2835 Plant Grow SMD LED unavailable
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2835 Plant Grow SMD LED

LED plant grow are designed to use luminous elements replace sunshine, improve photosynthesis, build a suitable light environment, with special wavelength(usually 400-720nm).
PCT red copper bracket, pure gold wire encapsulation, low thermal resistance, The wavelength of light source corresponds to the requirement of plant growth. Plant lighting more gentle than normal lighting and does not burn the plants. Blue and green can promote the growth of plants, red light can make plant meeting result.

Product Features of Plant Grow SMD LED:

  • Small size, big light-emitting angel, high luminance; balanced color, diversified designs, custom-make different wavelength, meet the demand of different light environments of plants.
  • High efficiency, low power, adjustable spectrum, with good point light source, cold light (low heat), moisture resistance, long life (more than 30,000 hours) and other advantages at the same time.
  • Excellent ESD antistatic protection and JEDEC humidity sensitivity level
  • Achieve SMT all series, comply with RoHS standards, and pass LM-80 certification.
  • Wide applications: indoor planting, vertical farm/green wall, greenhouse HPS, family agriculture/hydroponic pot, etc. LED plant light technology will be the new fashion of agriculture technology and wet facility agriculture.

Application of Plant Grow SMD LED:

LED plant grow light,  LED aquarium light.

Specification of Plant Grow SMD LED

Product name Product Code Chips Dominant Wavelength Voltage/Current
SMD Plant Grow SMD LED 0.2W2835 S0A-A28HXY0W-B460-11 XY1018(XY0W) 460-470 3.0-3.4V/60
S0A-A28HA14-R600-11 14*14(A14) 600-610 2.0-2.4V/60
S0A-A28HA14-R620-11 14*14(A14) 620-630 2.0-2.4V/60
S0A-A28HA14-R650-11 14*14(A14) 650-670 2.0-2.4V/60
S0A-A28HXY0W-****-11 XY10*18(XY0W) 3000/6000K 3.0-3.4V/60
SMD Plant Grow SMD LED 0.5W2835 S0B-A28RA0Z-P390-11 8*15(A0Z) 390-400 3.0-3.4V/150
S0B-A28RXY0E-B460-11 XY14*28(XY0E) 460-470 3.0-3.4V/150
S0B-A28RB20-R600-11 20(B20) 600-610 2.0-2.4V/150
S0B-A28RB20-R620-11 20(B20) 620-630 2.0-2.4V/150
S0B-A28RA20-R620-11 20(A20) 620-630 2.0-2.4V/150
S0B-A28RB20-R660-11 20(B20) 660-670 2.0-2.4V/150
S0B-A28RA20-R660-11 20(A20) 660-670 2.0-2.4V/150
S0B-A28RA20-R730-11 20(A20) 730-740 2.0-2.4V/150
S0B-A28RXY0E-****-11 XY14*28(XY0E) 3000/6000K 3.0-3.4V/150
SMD Plant Grow SMD LED 3WPCT5050 S03-P50YXY45-P390-13 XY45*3(XY45) 390-410 3.0-3.4V/900
S03-P50YB45-P390-13 45*3(B45) 390-410 3.0-3.4V/900
S03-P50YB35-B460-13 35*3(B35) 460-470 3.0-3.4V/900
S03-P50YB40-B460-13 40*3(B40) 460-470 3.0-3.4V/900
S03-P50YB42-R600-13 42*3(B42) 600-610 2.0-2.4V/900
S03-P50YB38-R620-13 38*3(B38) 620-630 2.0-2.4V/900
S03-P50YB42-R620-13 42*3(B42) 620-630 2.0-2.4V/900
S03-P50YB42-R660-13 42*3(B42) 660-670 2.0-2.4V/900
S03-P50YB42-R730-13 42*3(B42) 730-740 2.0-2.4V/900
S03-P50YJ45-****-13 45*3(J45) 3000/6000K 3.0-3.4V/900
SMD Plant Grow SMD LED 5WEMC5050 S05-E50YB45-P390-14 45*4(B45) 390-400 3.0-3.4V/1500
S05-E50YB45-P390-14 45*4(B45) 460-470 3.0-3.4V/1500
S05-E50YB42-R600-14 42*4(B42) 600-610 2.0-2.4V/1500
S05-E50YB42-R620-14 42*4(B42) 620-630 2.0-2.4V/1500
S05-E50YB42-R660-14 42*4(B42) 660-670 2.0-2.4V/1500
S05-E50YB42-R730-14 42*4(B42) 730-740 2.0-2.4V/1500
S05-E50YJ45-****-14 45*4(J45) 3000/6000K 3.0-3.4V/1500

Plant Grow Light Source

Plant Grow Light Source

Plant Grow Light Source

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