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1919 Smart COB LED unavailable

1919 Smart COB LED

  • White COB plus CSP color-mixing technology, excellent color intergration performance
  • High quality light, 2700-6500K trajectory similar to the BBL
  • Flip chip package, zero risk of golden wire breakage, higher temperature tolerance capacity
  • Flexible usage, compatible with the mainstream lighting accessories in current market
Features for Crescent Intelligent Toning COB: Continuous adjustment from low color temperature to high color temperature, brightness can be adjusted continuously according to requirements. Main features as below:

  • Color temperature adjustable
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Even mix colour
  • Package without gold wire
  • Intelligent control
  • Continuous light color

The main size for Crescent dimming and color toning COB is 1919 presently. If customers need other sizes, we can customize it:

1919 Adjustable COB Light Source

Main applications:

  • Home lighting.Applicable to the home condition, where the color temperature, brightness need to be adjusted according to the environment and time;
  • Even mix light. CSC hybrid package is adopted for enev light mixing;
  • Perfect performance. Full reverse package without gold wire,excellent heat dissipation and compression resistance


Size Power Voltage/current Colour Tem range Luminous efficiency series-parallel way
1919/¤16.5 12 36-38/300 2700-6500K 100-120 12C1B*2
24 36-38/600 12C1B*2*2

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