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10W LED Wall Moudle

10W LED Wall Moudle

The Crescent DOB solution removes the inductors, electrolytic capacitors, transformers and other components, further reduce the volume and production cost of PCB for lighting system, avoiding the processing of integrating LED and driving circuit for lighting manufacturers. At the same time, it is especially suitable for lighting suppliers who are new or lack of development ability, and suitable for the production of replacement light sources such as bulbs.

DOB adopts the high voltage LED and drive circuit can also significantly reduce the overall cost on the material list (BOM).

In contrast, DOB adopts high-voltage LED, only needs to be coupled with a simplified high-voltage driving circuit, they could be directly driven by mains voltage, in this way it has the advantages of small size, high power factor (PF) and high luminous efficiency.

Besides, the high-voltage drive circuit does not require input electrolytic capacitor, output capacitor, it is some kind of non-electrolytic capacitor circuit design, which avoid the electrolytic capacitor shortening the life of the power supply;In addition, the circuit system operates in linear mode rather than traditional high frequency mode, so it can save external components such as high frequency inductance. At the same time, because there is no electromagnetic interference (EMI) problem, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) circuit can be eliminated, which reduces the overall material cost, and microshrink the size of the circuit board.

Advantages of Crscentled LED Wall Module

  • All the optical and electrical indexes of LED lamps are formulated by our company, which make the LED lamps more standardized and increase the interchangeability
  • Reducing R&D cost for LED lighting manufacturers and shortening the production time;
  • Accelerating the promotion of LED lamps, solving the problems of uneven quality of LED lamps and disordered price war among manufacturers;
  • Improving the overall light efficiency, color temperature, color index, etc, improving the overall performance of LED lamps
  • The PCB with constant current driving source is eliminated and the production cost is reduced.
  • This series of solutions have been widely used in high-power lighting, such as wall washing lamps, street lamps, projection lights and so on, and the share is constantly increasing

Product Feature of LED Wall Module

The mobile phone shoots no fashing at 0.5 meters, lightning strikes 2KV, withstand voltage 3750V, can be used for double-ended male and female head wiring220v, the current is small and the number of single connection is 3-5 times that of traditional lamps, and the safety distance is in line with CCC standards,double 85 aging 1000 hours without abnormal luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 92%,-40-125°C cold and hot rush 200 times the luminous flux maintenance rate is greater than 95%, can be limited at-25-85°C conditions use.

Electrical Parameter(Ta=25°C)

Product Code Common color temperature CRI Luminous Flux Forward Voltage Power
XY1-48CG0D-30KF10-2 3000土150 ≥60 75-85 AC200-240 10W
XY1-48CG0D-20TA10-2 1950士100 70-80
XY1-96CW0E-30KF18-2 3000土150 ≥60 75-85 AC200-240 18W
XY1-96CW0E-20TA18-2 1950士100 70-80
XY1-96CW0E-30KF24-2 3000土150 ≥60 75-85 AC200-240 24W
XY1-96CW0E-20TA24-2 1950士100 70-80

Notes for Table

  • The capacity of heat sink :Tj-IC<125℃
    Tj-IC =Tp+PIC*RIC (PIC=2.5W RIC=9℃/W Tp:surface temperature of IC)
  • All extreme conditions need to be satisfied.

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