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What is cob Package?
COB package the full name is chips on board, it is a technology to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED. Compare...
Packaging Differences and Advantages of SMD and COB
In the production of led, there are different packaging technologies, including cob led and SMD led. What is the differe...

Crescent LED Package

Crescent Optoelectronic (Shenzhen) is a national high-tech enterprise, specialized in LED packaging researching, producing and sales since 2010. Main products are SMD LED series, COB LED series, AC Module series, high power LED series, which are widely used for industry and street lighting, commercial lighting, scenery lighting, plants growing lighting, smart furniture lightning and so on. Our mission is always to meet the customers' requirements and improving the products' stability and quality

We have been designing, engineering and manufacturing customized lighting solutions for OEMs all over the world since 2012. Whether you are a small, medium, or large OEM company, or an entrepreneur with a new product idea; or a global corporation that needs a flexible supply of specialty lamps on a moment's notice, you can trust crescent to deliver as one of the world's premier led lighting source manufacturers!
  • SMD LED Series

    SMD LED Series

    SMD means surface mounted diode. This is a better technology than the first generation DIP LEDs. The SMD type LEDs are mounted on an aluminum substrate and enveloped in an epoxy resin. SMD LED package size: 5050, 3030, 2835, 3535, etc. Learn More
  • COB LED Series

    COB LED Series

    Product material high-end fastidious, imported German ammonium aluminum plate gold wire 99.999 encapsulation High photosynthetic efficiency. long life Products through 300 round of cold and hot shock (40/30min -125/30min)reliability test the industry's most stringent reliability test standards safe and reliable. COB LED package sizes: 1414, 1919, XY14D, XY19D, etc.
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  • High Power LED

    High Power LED

    High power led light source; available in red, blue, green, cool white, white, and warm white color; energy efficient; exposed metal slug for excellent heat transfer; compatible with reflow soldering process; high current operation; long operation life; silicone encapsulation
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  • DOB LED Series

    DOB LED Series

    Custom products can be according to customer special wash wall lamp. proiect-light lamp, mining lamp, street lamp, such as the whole lamp structure design the service life of the photoelectric color such as certified safety requirements, providing customers with their own light engine, intelligent linear constant current IC control, photoelectric integration, more stable performance. Its PF>0.9 has overpressure over the temperature protection 4KV surge surge protection.

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