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Is it Better To Use Epoxy Resin Or Silicone Film For RGB LED Packaging?

Epoxy resin is widely used in the era of small spacing, so as the spacing becomes smaller and smaller, the form of packaging has also changed. Will epoxy resin still be used in RGB LED package and protective packaging materials? Or is it better to use silicone film? What do the experts think of this issue?

COB LED package is a large size package of whole board module. Silicone material is the first choice in the current stage. The CTE gap between epoxy resin and substrate is large, and the packaging warping is obvious, which can not guarantee the smoothness of COB, especially when the whole screen is spliced. 4in1 basic visual EMC1010 platform packaging technology can be extended to epoxy resin packaging. Because the substrate of EMC0808,0606 is thinner, the warping substrate after epoxy packaging is more serious than that of EMC1010, and the cutting process is difficult. Recently, the epoxy material with transparent inorganic filler has been published, which can solve the warping problem. From the reliability of RGB screen packaging, epoxy resin is superior to silicone, especially the application of PCT test and salt spray test. For rgb LED package applications, epoxy-silicone composites are expected to balance the contradiction between packaging formability and reliability in the future.

The hardness of epoxy resin is high, the airtightness is good, but the temperature resistance and yellowing resistance are slightly poor; the mechanical strength of silica gel is low, the airtightness is slightly weak, but the temperature resistance and yellowing resistance are better, and the packaging stress is also slightly lower. What kind of material is used to packaging RGB COB LED chip? This is not absolute, and it depends on the concerns and requirements of the actual application. At present, silica gel is the most common material for indoor environment.
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