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Improvement of Heat Dissipation and Service Life of High Power White LED

The application of high power warm white LED in daily lighting has become the first choice for developing environmental protection light source after more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection light source. But in fact, there are still many technical bottlenecks to be overcome of white LED. There are related improvement schemes to strengthen the design bottlenecks of white LED in the aspects of uniformity of light emission, life of packaging materials, heat dissipation enhancement and so on, which will improve the key functions and efficiency of high power white LED. Environmentally Friendly Light Source Demand Increases Output of High Power White LED Applications The main reason why LED light source is favored is that the product has long service life, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and the material characteristics which can be embedded in any plane.

However, in the development of daily lighting sources,to meet the practical "lighting" needs, the LED used for indicating purposes can not directly correspond to lighting applications. It must be strengthened from the chip aspect in order to achieve the high power and high brightness lighting utility required for lighting purposes. In terms of market demand, the white LED developed for lighting application market can be said to be a product item with high consumption in the future. However, in order to achieve the utility, high power white LED must improve its key functions for lighting application.

One is to strengthen the LED chip. Secondly, it belongs to a compromise design scheme. If it is difficult to increase the area of a single LED chip continuously, it is also a practical technical scheme similar to the aforementioned method to encapsulate multiple LED chips in the same light source module. Meeting the design requirements of low cost and high brightness with multi-chip packaging.

In view of the demand inspection of industrial practice, due to the elasticity of mass production, design difficulty and product yield/cost control, the continuous increase of LED chips will encounter design bottlenecks of cost and yield. Increasing the chip area may encounter design difficulties. It is not because the inability of technical and production technology, but the higher cost of LED chips and low flexibility of change design for the actual manufacturing needs. LED light source components should be more flexible. At the same time, the production cost of multi-chip LED chip module solutions can also be greatly reduced because of the chip cost, which is equivalent to having lower cost development options under the same light flux of single-chip design.
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