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Are SMD LED Beads Environmentally Friendly?
At present, more and more surface mounting device led beads have replaced conservative lighting lamps, and are used in l...
What are the Differences between COB Package and SMD Package in the Field of LED Display?
The existence of double giants in the field of LED display has jointly developed and flourished the LED industry. As a c...


The 23rd GILE was held in Guangzhou of China in 2018, as a Lighting Show with the longest history in Asia, it attracts the most professional LED manufacturers, LED distributors, and LED end users from all over the world.

Shenzhen Crescent LED always tries to stand in front of Chinese LED Lighting Source field, we put into much money and energy to push our products to the top, with our own patent, and also attend famous lighting shows all over the world, to promote our own brands,and take our LED light source to anyone in the world, who need it.


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