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EMC High-Power SMD3030 Will Become the Mainstream

Features of EMC3030 products:

1. Good high temperature performance
2. Long-lasting high reflectivity
3. Anti-UV performance
4. MAP (multi-array) package high operating efficiency
5. Ultra-thin structure, vertical heat dissipation

The difference between the two products:

The traditional bracket is: PPA material
PPA/PCT---thermoplastic-thermoplastic refers to plastics with heat softening and cooling hardening properties. Most of the plastics we use in our daily lives fall into this category. It becomes soft and even flows when heated, and the cooling becomes hard. This process is reversible and can be repeated. - unstableEMC - thermoset-thermosetting plastics can soften the flow when heated for the first time, heat to a certain temperature, produce a chemical reaction-crosslinking reaction and solidify and harden. This change is irreversible. After that, when it is heated again, it can not be softened and flow. -stable performance

EMC3030 products' advantages of application:

1. High temperature resistance can replace high temperature reflow soldering of imitation lumens, eliminating manual soldering and saving SMT patch cost.
2. The bracket is thinner and vertical heat conduction, which can better export the heat.
3. High reflection efficiency and anti-UV performance can make the product brightness the highest excitation, and can prevent the stent from aging and reduce the reflection light effect.
4.The placement fee is reduced to SMD price, only 1PCS / 1 cent.
5. The light angle is large. With controllability, it is suitable for a variety of lamps.
6. Efficiency of EMC equivalent power light  is higher than imitation lumens, the price is 1/2 of the price of imitation lumen products.
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