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DOB Technology Is Rapidly Becoming A New Choice for LED Lighting Applications

"DOB technology is rapidly becoming a new choice for LED lighting applications. Although it will not penetrate as fast as SMD or other traditional forms, it will certainly occupy a place. It is expected that DOB LED will reach a market share of over 20% in the next few years." It was mentioned in the speech at the LEDforum 2016 China International LED Market Trend Summit Forum hosted by LEDinside, China LED Network and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on June 11th.

DOB, which is based on AC high-voltage drive integrated DOB module light source, has attracted the attention of many designers. In fact, DOB is not new. A few years ago, international companies began to enter, and mass production, including OSRAM, Samsung, and LGIT, have launched their products.

In the speech, efficient driver ICs and high-voltage LEDs are the building blocks of DOB. LED driver accounts for about 20% of the cost of lamps, which not only affects the cost, but also affects the light efficiency and also determines the life of the LED lamp.

There are many kinds of traditional AC-DC Driver topologies, such as isolated drivers, which have many features, large size, complicated assembly, high cost, good stability and safety. Other ways have different structures, including the choice of Buck-Boost structure, which requires large capacitive and inductive components. The cheaper is the power supply that resists buck, which is low in cost but low in reliability.

Compared with the existing AC-DC converter (switching power supply), AC linear drive can be directly connected to the mains, no external circuit, very compact, easy to integrate, dimmable, and very flexible, longer life, Because it does not contain electrolytic capacitors, the extra space can be used for adequate heat dissipation, lower cost, fewer components, and lower assembly costs. With the mass production of driver chips, the overall cost will also drop significantly. The DOB LED offer new flexibility for luminaires and can be solved with the appropriate AC design. Due to the simplicity of the DOB and the integration of different gateway-connected sensors, the future DOB will also have a place in the field of intelligent lighting.

In addition to DOB, Liu Guoxu also talked about other technology trends, such as high-intensity, high-efficiency LED technology to be broken (narrow-spectrum red phosphor or quantum dot is the key); health lighting and artificial efficiency upgrades replace energy-saving, become new The driving force of market demand; intelligent lighting is faster than imagined, getting closer and closer to daily life; silicon-based LED won the first prize of national science and technology invention, once again becoming a hot spot in the industry, CSP packaging has become a hot spot of technology, from backlight and flash, which are being applied to lighting.

In terms of the LED market trend, five points are summarized: First, LED prices continue to decline but the decline slows down, quality gradually returns to become a concern; Second, the upstream and midstream production capacity continues to increase, the larger is larger; Third, cross-border and overseas mergers and acquisitions are unstoppable; Fourth, emerging markets have become hot spots; Fifth, market segments have become new opportunities (UV, plant growth, visible light communication, etc.).
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