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DOB Module, Future or Now

DOB LED module is facing strong market demand. With its simple structure, convenient production and lower cost, DOB module is welcomed by end users and many LED lighting manufacturers. We have seen many lamp shops, based on DOB module ceiling lamp, tube lamp, cabinet lamp and other lamps, have become a hot market products. But at the same time, the development prospects of DOB modules have been confused. Many lighting companies hesitate to move forward because of various concerns. The representative questions include: Is the DOB module safe enough to cause electric shock? Can the DOB module run reliably for a long time? Can it provide 5-year warranty for some high maintenance cost applications? How to deal with the stroboscopic problem of the DOB module? Can it fail to pass the necessary certification? With the rapid development of LED technology, practitioners need to face downward price pressure.

At present, DOB LED module has the advantages of time, location and human resources. The trend towards large-scale application is irresistible. Firstly, in the industry chain, as the price of LED chips drops and the light efficiency improves, the high-voltage LED needed by DOB module corresponds to the batch supply of indoor and outdoor applications. In the field of driving IC, domestic chip companies, with their advantages closer to the production users, keep iterating. In the field of AC direct driving IC, they have been in the forefront of the world. It is precisely because of the good expectations of the future, the division of labor and cooperation in the industrial chain, better performance of DOB modules and the declining price shows out. We also call for more manufacturers to participate, open standards, divide labor and cooperation, and create a brilliant future of DOB LED modules. In the technical aspect, the stroboscopic and stability, the two major factors that restrict the development of integrated module of driving light source, have been solved. A product with broad application prospects must have two basic characteristics. First, to obtain the market access threshold through recognized international standards and industry standards. Second, the product should be stable and reliable, which makes it free of worries after shipment.
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