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DOB: De-power LED lighting

Everyone knows that driving power is the core of LED lighting. LED lighting lamps are known as energy-saving, intelligent and long service life. But these basically rely on good driving power. There has been a joke in the industry: If 100 LED lamps broke, 99 ascribe to the driving power supply. As the "heart" of LED lighting, its quality directly affects the quality of LED lighting. LED driver accounts for about 20% of the cost of lamps and lanterns, which not only affects the cost, but also affects the light efficiency and the service life of LED lamp.

Today, I want to introduce a new way of LED driver - DOB. DOB (Driver on Board) or Driverless, which is commonly referred to as "de" power supply, actually doesn't mean driving without power supply, but to remove the traditional AC/DC conversion and integrate the LED driver circuit and the LED lamp string circuit. It is a new driving mode which is different from the traditional switching power supply. It is a new driving mode derived from the characteristics of LED. Efficient driver IC and high voltage LED are the key elements of DOB LED. In terms of intelligent lighting, linear IC driver has its inherent advantages over traditional switching power supply driver. Traditional power supply can also realize intelligent lighting, but the cost or cost of system integration is far more than linear. DOB LED with high-voltage will become a trend. LED package and driver factory is jointly pushing DOB to carry high-voltage LED. It can save inductance, electrolytic capacitor, transformer and other components, further reduce the volume and production cost of printed circuit board (PCB) of lighting system, and eliminate the processing procedure of integrating LED light source and driving circuit by lamp manufacturers. In addition to simplifying lamp development, the introduction of DOB into high-voltage LED light source and drive circuit can also significantly reduce the overall bill of materials (BOM) cost. As we all know, the traditional DC LED system is driven by DC power supply. In order to be used in municipal power supply, AC-DC rectifier must be added. This will cause energy loss in the process of power conversion. And Because of the large size of the driving circuit, the flexibility of lamp design will be limited. By contrast, DOB uses high-voltage LED, which can be directly operated by local voltage only by adding a compact high-voltage driving circuit. Therefore, it has the advantages of small size, high power factor (PF) and high luminescence efficiency.
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