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Crescent Optoelectronics|Boom Surge of SMD 3030 Product!

Crescent Optoelectronics 3030smd led products have been fully launched, with a daily production capacity of 1-1.5KK, with new automated production equipment. SMD 3030 has passed various reliability tests, aging test, LM-80 test, and our 3030smd led series Power LED is an SMD patch light source with EMC/PCT material. It has high light efficiency, low light decay, high consistency and cost performance. It is widely used in plant lighting, general lighting, urban lighting, automotive lighting, LCD backlighting, etc. field.

PCT material is a thermoplastic material, which is superior to the existing traditional PPA thermosetting material source in high temperature withstand capability, high temperature long-term yellowing resistance, high reflectivity and UV radiation resistance. It can achieve unmatched color stability and low water absorption (about one thousandth) of other similar materials. In addition, PCT material has the advantages of high heat resistance, UV resistance, high air tightness, etc., and has low water absorption as well as  molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability. Product material optimization increased product reliability to provide customers with more favorable and cost-effective products.

EMC materials have high reliability, high thermal conductivity, high heat and moisture resistance, low stress, low expansion coefficient, high heat resistance, UV resistance, high current, small size and resistance to vulcanization.

Our products have the following excellent features:
1. Adopt low thermal resistance design structure and ultra-thin height is only 0.52mm
2. Small size and flexible design
3. Fully automatic integrated molding process
4. Uniformity of light source and wide viewing angle
5. High luminous efficiency and high luminous flux maintenance rate
6. High heat resistant EMC/PCT package
7. Compact package size specifications
8. High color rendering and high light efficiency, ensuring the highest light efficiency under the premise of high color rendering index RA80. (high index, high brightness)
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