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The Cob Packaging Market Is "Going up", And The Centrifugal Sedimentation Equipment Is Greatly Moving Forward Despite of Obstacles.

This year, the market is sluggish, the manufacturing industry is not doing well." "At present, the overall environment of led is slightly fatigued", "the overall market growth is weak, which has intensified the competition in the industry"... In 2018, such a voice was constant. In the first half of 2018, the overall LED industry has gradually diverged from last year's overall recovery to this year. The led industry is full of variables, intensified competition, falling prices, rising raw materials prices and Sino-US trade wars. Under the influence of factors, the entire industry will face the risk of slowing performance growth.

As far as the LED packaging industry is concerned, due to the impact of manufacturers' price cuts and inventory at the end of 2017, at the beginning of 2018, the prices of some high-power and medium-power packaging products in the Chinese market fell slightly, and the growth rate of output value of the entire packaging market slowed down. According to the data of the high-yield research institute led research institute (ggii), in 2017, the output value of led packaging in mainland China was 87 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 18% year-on-year, and the global proportion reached 58.27%. With the expansion of the domestic LED packaging factory in 2017, ggii expects that the output value of China's LED package will increase by about 15% in 2018, and the growth rate will slow down.

However, in the big environment where the overall growth of the LED package is slowing down, the cob packaging products are particularly strong. As Citizen is in a credit crisis, Chinese cob manufacturers are expected to be in the top position. Domestic cob manufacturers such as Weichuang, Hongli Zhihui, Zhonghao Optoelectronics and Xinyue Optoelectronics have successively launched new products. Even industry insiders predict that the 2018 cob small-pitch LED products will increase by as much as 200%.

Cob enters the "harvest" precipitation centrifuge equipment to meet the "spring". Cob packaging has been applied in the field of lighting for many years, with its various advantages, it has now been favored by many lighting companies. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the market supply capacity of cob products, the new generation of display technology cob technology continues to heat up, the current cob small pitch led display is becoming the latest incremental air outlet for large screen projects.

In this way, the recognition of cob packaging products in the terminal market has changed significantly, and successfully entered the "harvest period".

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