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Characteristics of 3528 Patch LED Beads

At present, patch LED beads are the most widely used LED light-emitting diodes in the market. The quality of patch-type LED beads on the market is uneven, mainly due to the different materials in the production process, and these problems completely determine the quality of the patch-type LED beads. 2835 RGB patch LED beads are the most common type in the market.

Characteristics of 2835 RGB patch LED beads:

Voltage: The patch LED lamp beads use low-voltage power supply. The power supply voltage is between 2 and 4 V. It varies according to the product. So it is a safer power supply than high-voltage power supply. It is especially suitable for public places.
Current: The working current is 0-15 mA, and the brightness brightens with the increase of the current.

Efficiency: Energy consumption is 80% less than that of incandescent lamps with the same light efficiency.

Applicability: Very small, each unit of LED chip is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and suitable for variable environment.

Response time: The response time of incandescent lamp is millisecond, and that of LED lamp is nanosecond.
Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury.

Color: Changing current can change color. 2835 RGB patch LED beads can easily adjust the band structure and band gap of materials by chemical modification to achieve red, yellow, green, blue and orange multi-color luminescence.

If LED is red at low current, it can turn orange, yellow and green with the increase of current.

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