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Application of LED

LED lamps are widely used in various indoor and outdoor displays, which are divided into full-color, tri-color and monochrome displays, which has the characteristics of anti-seismic, impact resistance, fast light response, power saving and long service life. There are more than 100 units in development and production nationwide. The traffic lights are mainly red, green and yellow LED with ultra-high brightness. Because the LED lights are energy-saving and reliable, the traffic lights are being gradually updated nationwide. Moreover, the promotion speed is fast and the market demand is large, which is a good market opportunity.

The automotive lights used in the automotive industry include the internal dashboard, audio indicator lights, switching back light, reading lights and external brake lights, taillights, side lights and headlights. Automobile incandescent lamp is not shock resistant, easy-damaged, with short life, need to be replaced frequently. In 1987, China began to install high brake lights on cars. Because of the quick response speed of LED, it can remind the driver to brake as soon as possible to reduce the rear-end accident. In developed countries, the central rear high brake lamp made by LED has become the standard part of automobile. The LED taillight module launched by HP in the United States in 1996 can be combined into various taillights at will. In addition, in the car dashboard and other lighting parts of the light source, can be used as ultra-high brightness luminous lights, so are gradually using LED display. China's automobile industry is in a period of great development, is a very good time to promote ultra-high brightness LED. The annual output value will be 1 billion yuan in recent years and 3 billion yuan in 5 years.

LED back light source with high side glowing back light is most striking, LED application as LCD back light, with no interference and long service life, high luminous efficiency, high cost performance, has been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BP machine, electronic calculators and the inductor, along with the increasingly miniaturization of portable electronic products. LED backlight has more advantages, so the backlight technology will extend to a thinner, low power consumption and uniform direction. LED is a key component of mobile phone. An ordinary mobile phone or PHS needs about 10 LED components, while a mobile phone with color screen and camera function needs about 20 LED components. Currently, mobile phones use a lot of backlight, 3.5 billion LED chips a year. At present, China's mobile phone production is very large, and most of the LED backlight is imported, for domestic LED products, which is an excellent market opportunity.

The early products of LED lighting source had low luminous efficiency, and the light intensity can only reach several to dozens of MCD, which is suitable for indoor occasions, such as household appliances, instruments, communication equipment, microcomputers and toys. At present, the direct target is to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps with LED light sources, which has been developing from the field of local application. To save energy, Japan are planning to replace incandescent light-emitting diodes (LED) project (called "light up Japan"), the first five years of budget of 5 billion yen, if LED can replace half of the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, it can save energy equivalent to 6 billion liters of crude oil one year, the equivalent of five 1.35 x 106 kw power plant, and can reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, improve people's living environment. In 2004, China invested 5 billion yuan to develop the energy saving and environmental protection semiconductor lighting program.

Other applications, such as a pair of glitter shoes popular with children, have built-in LED that will flash when walking. Only in Wenzhou, 500 million light-emitting diodes will be used per year. Using light-emitting diodes as the electric toothbrush power indicator light, according to the domestic production of manufacturers, the company has a small number of health toothbrush on the market. It is estimated that the volume production of 300 million lights per year. The popular LED Christmas lights, due to the novel shape, rich color, not easy to break and low voltage safety, recently are sold a lot in Hong Kong and other regions in Southeast Asia, welcomed by people, and is threatening and replacing the existing electric bubble Christmas market.

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