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UV Light Source

The wave length of the UV LED is between the visible light and X light, the range of UV LED is from 10 to 430nm. The wave length of the present UV LED products is from 265 to 420nm, with many kinds of packaging, including perforation, surface mounting, and COB.

Usually, for present UV LED products, there are 3 kinds of wave length, UV-A(long wave), UV-B(middle wave), and UV-C(shortwave).

350-390nm is used in production of the commercial and industrial materials, like adhesive, coating material, and ink; UV-A and UV-B(300-350nm) are used in the new commercial fields, those potential accessories are applied to UV curing, Biomedicine, DNA Analysis, etc.

UV-C and UV-B are used for Sterilization.

3535 series from Shenzhen Crescent LED has some features as below:

  • Gallium nitride ceramic substrate, the first full inorganic packaging;
  • Optical glass packaging. high corrosion resistance:
  • High stability, vacuum protection;
  • High reliability, high brightness, high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance;
  • These LEDs can be used in printing, curing, exposure, anti-Counterfeiting, anti-mosquito, sterilization and other fields;
  • Full series can achieve SMT
  • High lifespan, RoHS certification.
  • Applied to various UV lighting products, such as bio-analysis/detection, phototherapy, sensors and monitors, disinfection.

Application of Uv Light Source:

LED toothbrush sterilizer, LED sterilization humidifier, LED Ultraviolet germicidal lamp