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Mobile Lighting Source

Due to the advantages of LED, it can be widely used to create a comfortable environment inside the car, such as instrument lighting, pedal lighting, navigation light, fog light, car brake and indicator light, mixed color backlighting and atmosphere lighting of the flat screen, which is applied to the "entertainment information" , also expands the application of LED.

The LED packaged products from Shenzhen Crescent are used in the flashlights, modified car lights, and regular car lights.

The Advantages of Mobile Lighting Source

  • Ultra-high cost performance uniform spot, customizable ow temperature reflow
  • Low energy consumption, long service life, vibration resistance, impact resistance
  • The price is very low and super-high value with competitive price, at the same time  it also had smooth spot uniformity, high color consistency

Features for lamps with LED light sources:

  • Much softer light: the color saturation is rich, so that the output light is much softer and natural, in line with the characteristics of automotive lighting applications;
  • More durable: durable, strong shock-resistance, longer lifespan, which is 10 times of the traditional halogen lamps;
  • More energy saving: high efficiency, less heat, low consumption, environmental friendly;
  • Much safer: Responding much faster than traditional incandescent light, HID lights require longer drive lighting delays. More real-time reflection of vehicle conditions and road conditions, leaving drivers longer judgment time, reducing vehicle safety accidents;
  • More practical: small size, light weight, can achieve more compact and exquisite lamps, saving more space during vehicle design;
  • More healthy: LED lights are green cold light source without infrared ray, ultraviolet ray nor other lights; Little heat nor radiation, indoor lighting of the car is more healthy, meeting the needs of colorful backlighting