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What is cob Package?
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Packaging Differences and Advantages of SMD and COB
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Commercial Lighting Source

Commercial lighting needs to consider not only the recommended quantitative indicators, but also the non-quantitative factors such as architecture, psychology and vision, etc, only by skillfully combining lighting technology and art can outstanding lighting effects be achieved.

By functions:

General lighting in commercial conditions, for products lighting and decoration lighting.

By Scenes:

Commercial interior scene, show case, population area, display area, and External landscape

By layout

Direct lighting, Semi-direct lighting, diffuse lighting, semi-indirect lighting, indirect lighting

10 commercial applications for LED indoor lighting

  • Indoor commercial atmosphere lighting for middle and high-end specialty stores and shopping malls
  • Lighting for entertainment places and beauty salons
  • Atmosphere lighting for bars, coffee shops and other leisure places
  • Stage lighting for commercial theatres and television studios
  • Hotel, restaurant lighting
  • Lighting of museums, art galleries and other professional places
  • Lighting of conference room and multi-functional hall
  • Lighting for exhibitions and fashion shows
  • Living room and home theater lighting
  • Public transportation lighting


track light,down light,track lamp,PAR light.

Products through 300 rounds of cold and hot shock (40/30min-125/30min) reliability test, the industry's most stringent reliability test standards, safe and reliable