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Workshop And Production Workshop And Production

workshop.jpg workshop.jpg
  • workshop.jpg workshop.jpg
  • baking-workshop.jpg baking-workshop.jpg
  • bonding-wire.jpg bonding-wire.jpg
  • bonding-wire-alt.jpg bonding-wire-alt.jpg
  • die-attach-workshop.jpg die-attach-workshop.jpg
  • die-attach.jpg die-attach.jpg
  • die-attach-2.jpg die-attach-2.jpg
  • die-attach-alt.jpg die-attach-alt.jpg
  • sample-test.jpg sample-test.jpg
  • Bake Bake
  • Stripping Stripping
  • Braid Braid
  • Dam Dam

Factory And Lobby Factory And Lobby

company-gates.jpg company-gates.jpg
  • company-gates.jpg company-gates.jpg
  • factory-appearance.jpg factory-appearance.jpg
  • jiangxi-industry-park-planning-chart.jpg jiangxi-industry-park-planning-chart.jpg
  • lobby.jpg lobby.jpg
  • office-area.jpg office-area.jpg
  • office-area-1.jpg office-area-1.jpg

Laboratory Laboratory

Double85 Test Double85 Test
  • Double85 Test Double85 Test
  • Laboratory Graph Laboratory Graph
  • LM-80 Test LM-80 Test
  • Plasma Wash Machine Plasma Wash Machine
  • Red Ink Test Red Ink Test
  • Sulphur Resistance Sulphur Resistance
  • Thermal Shock Test Thermal Shock Test