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2835 RGB LED

White LED and 2835 RGB LED come to the same thing that they both hope to achieve the effect of white light. Only one is presented directly in white light, and the other is a mixture of red, green and blue to present white. The 2835 RGB LED is an image of three primary colors. In addition, there is a blue LED with a yellow phosphor, and ultraviolet LED with RGB phosphor. Overall, both of them have their imaging principles. Some LED backlights are particularly clear and bright in color, even to the extent of high-quality television, which is the characteristic of 2835 RGB. It boasts that red is red, green is green, and the blue is blue. So it has more diverse characteristics in light mixing.

The attenuation of 2835 RGB and the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the human body are both difficult problems to solve in the short term. Therefore, though white light need can be achieved, there are different results. The application of 2835 RGB LED is obviously more diverse than that of White LED. For example, when a certain band of light is needed, the color mixing of 2835 RGB can be used at will, such as car lights, traffic signs, window, etc. White LED, by contrast, suffer. Although the effect is relatively strong, White LED is obviously inferior to 2835 RGB in clarity and color purity. In addition, the problem of light attenuation and the high cost of wafers make 2835 RGB lights more advantageous.

Individual control when 2835 RGB is separated, although can be directly controlled and the mixing is also good, but it's a big problem to achieve a fairly pure mix white light. Although the cost is high, the quality is relatively good as for White LED. Comparatively speaking, because of the problem of wavelength and frequency, the scattering will be unstable.

The control problems of 2835 RGB LED still need to be strengthened. For example, if one of the lights breaks down, it will be quite obvious on the whole screen. On the contrary, White LED lights can complement each other. Because they are side-emitting, so they can complement a broken LED, and the uniformity of the compliment, As a result, the overall situation will not look too bad.
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